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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most frequently done cosmetic procedures nationwide. We can offer you 2 laser/light systems for permanent hair removal: The 1064nd:yag and the Broad Band Light (BBL) intense pulsed light system (640nm filter). With two lasers to choose from, we will be able to offer you the most effective treatment available for your skin and hair type. All of our lasers are FDA approved and are operated by highly trained technicians.

The target of a hair-removal laser is the hair root or follicle. Hair grows in a cycle starting with its follicle and has rest periods in between growth phases. Most of the follicles in an active growth phase, at time of treatment, are stopped from producing any more hair. Subsequent treatments will target other follicles which are in their growth stage, until (ideally) all follicles have been shut down. Not all hairs on the body area are at the same phase of growth at the same time.
We can treat all skin colors, including tanned skin. You may need anywhere between 3 – 8 treatments (due to the hair growth cycle) depending on the area of the body, dense/thickness, and the color of the hair. The interval of time between treatments will vary according to the body area being treated. For example the chin area would be about four weeks, where as legs would be six to eight weeks.

Does it work for gray or blond hair?

Until recently, a person with fair or gray hair was not a good candidate for laser hair removal. This was because laser light is absorbed by pigment. Previous lasers had a shorter wavelength and did not penetrate the skin as deeply. Consequently if the skin had much pigment; it absorbed more of the laser light, reducing the laser's effectiveness for hair removal. People with dark hair and fair skin were the best candidates. The 1064nd:yag Laser's longer wavelength can safely pass through all skin colors without being significantly absorbed.

It is still true that people with gray or blond hair have less of a response to laser hair removal than people with darker hair. But each case is unique. It will help if your skin is not tanned. If you have light-colored hair, don't assume that you're not a good candidate. Call for a complimentary laser hair removal consultation.

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