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NaturalBreast™ Natural breast augmentation

No Implants, No Fillers, Pure You!

Shu Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers NaturalBreast™ Breast Augmentation with fat transfer. This revolutionary breast augmentation procedure provides the latest technology and technique for patients wishing to restore volume and fullness in their breasts. Women can now get the breasts they want without the use of silicone or saline implants and scars, and other complications typically associated with invasive breast enhancement surgeries.

Using gentle Body-jet or Vaser liposuction with LipoCollector™ 3 technology, the patient's own body fat is extracted and harvested. With improved structural fat grafting techniques using state-of-the-art equipment, women can expect safer, more natural looking breast augmentation results.

About the Procedure

NaturalBreast™ breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia and a hospital stay are not necessary. The entire procedure, which includes liposuction of the unwanted body fat, fat harvesting and concentration, and injection into the breast, takes about 3-4 hours. The patient can return home immediately after the procedure is completed. There is minimal downtime or pain.

First, unwanted body fat from areas like the abdomen, thighs and buttocks is extracted using gentile Body-jet or Vaser liposuction techniques. Then, the harvested fat cells are cleaned and concentrated with LipoCollector™ 3 technology and injected into the breast, where it replaces tissue volume. The concentrated fat graft creates the result with a natural looking, permanent breast augmentation.

Natural Breast Reconstruction for Mastectomies

What is even more remarkable is that fat grafting for breast reconstruction is now possible for women who have had mastectomies for breast cancer. In some cases, it may be necessary to use the Brava® external tissue expander to prepare the skin and breast tissues prior to fat grafting. We combine Body-jet or Vaser liposuction, fat harvesting with LipoCollector™ 3, and Brava® technologies to obtain beautiful, natural results. It is also possible to use fat grafting to cover saline implant rippling and even for treatment of capsular contracture.

To learn more about NaturalBreast™ and our other procedures, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Who is the ideal candidate for NaturalFill™, breast augmentation?

Anyone who wants to achieve a natural looking, permanent increase in breast size should consider NaturalBreast™, breast augmentation. This procedure is ideal for women with moderate sized breasts who may have lost breast volume due to pregnancy or age. Younger women who only want a moderate enlargement, but who wish to avoid the use of breast implants, are also ideal candidates for this procedure. Natural breast augmentation is not fit for extremely slim women who want to achieve fairly large breast sizes, and it is ideal for patients who want to increase their breast sizes by more than 2 cups, in which case breast implants would be more suitable.

How is NateualFill™ breast augmentation performed?

Natural breast augmentation is generally performed as an outpatient treatment.

First, unwanted body fat is first removed from areas such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks using gentile Body-jet liposuction. Then, the harvested fat cells are cleaned and concentrated with LipoCollector™ 3 technology and injected into the breast, where it replaces tissue volume. The concentrated fat graft creates the result with a natural looking, permanent breast augmentation.

Does the natural breast augmentation procedure use general anesthesia?

No, the entire procedure which includes liposuction and the actual breast augmentation are performed under local anesthesia and twilight sleep (intravenous sedation).

How long does the procedure take?

Natural breast augmentation takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete. After finishing the procedure, the patient should be able to return home.

What are the results of this procedure?

Patients can usually increase their breast size by 1 cup sizes after undergoing natural breast augmentation, as well as enhance the fullness of their breasts. The puncture sites created for the fat injection portion of the procedure will eventually heal without leaving scars. Some patients may need to return for additional follow-up treatments.

How are the stem cells harvested in natural breast augmentation?

The stem cells are extracted with a special stem cell processing system from the patient's body fat taken out during the liposuction portion of the procedure. The concentrated stem cells are then mixed with another batch of fat before being injected into the breast.

Will the harvested fat survive after the procedure is finished?

Yes, most of the fat injected into the breast will be retained. In comparison, breast implants usually need to be replaced every 10 years and can often cause problems like ruptures and scarring.

Will the procedure cause future complications with mammograms and tumor formation?

Newer digital mammograms should not have any problems examining breasts that have undergone a natural augmentation procedure. In comparison, breast implants can block much of the breast from the view of mammograms. In terms of tumors, experienced radiologists are now capable of distinguishing tumors from the harmless calcifications that may develop with stem cell breast augmentation in x-ray images. It is important that you tell all doctors treating you that you underwent the augmentation procedure.

Is a hospital stay necessary after the procedure?

No, patients should be able to leave the office immediately after the natural breast augmentation procedure. The patient is fully mobile after the procedure since general anesthesia was not used during the procedure.

Can this natural breast augmentation method replace silicone implants?

In many cases, patients who want to remove their implants and go with the natural augmentation procedure can do so. Alternately, silicone implants can be left in place, and a more natural looking supplemental augmentation or rounding can be achieved using stem cell assisted fat transfer.

Can the fat transfer procedure also be used to make breasts firmer?

Natural breast augmentation with fat grafting is generally best suited for restoring volume in the breast, not firmness. If the breast firmness is our main concern, you may consider Vaser assisted RejuveBreast™ , a scarless breast lift offered by Dr. Shu.