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Eyelid & Eybrow Rejuvenation

Shu Cosmetic Surgery Institute is proud to provide our patients with the most extensive range of brow and eyelid procedures that will restore that natural and youthful appearance around your eyes. There are a variety of brow and eyelid procedures, so it is essential that you determine which procedure is most suited for your needs.

The trichophytic brow lift is an ideal procedure for patients with higher foreheads, as this technique places incisions just behind the hairline and preserves hair position while achieving scar camouflaging. The endoscopic brow lift utilizes an endoscope (thin camera device inserted underneath the skin) and is recommended for correction of drooping brows and horizontal lines and furrows in the forehead. With smaller incisions and less chance of infection, endoscopic brow lifts are popular for patients with less hair to conceal potential scars.

The thread brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses barbed sutures to target sagging eyebrows and eyelids. It produces a natural, refreshed appearance without the need for much downtime. A Botox® brow lift is our popular chemical brow lift option designed to raise the skin tissues surrounding the eyes and eyebrows. Injecting small amounts of Botox® into the skin, this procedure is ideal for patients who want to correct heavy brows or drooping eyelids without undergoing more invasive brow surgeries.

Additionally, we offer eyelid plastic surgery, technically known as blepharoplasty. Dr. Shu uses the newest tissue sparing techniques in blepharoplasty to prevent long-term orbital hollowness. For younger patients with puffy bags on their lower eyelids, Dr. Shu can use the scarless conjunctival approach in combination with laser skin resurfacing to achieve a natural result.